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The Inner Garden Program

Have you ever done any gardening?  If so, then you know that there are steps you take to ensure that you will have the best chance for having a successful, healthy, and beautiful garden.  So many things play a vital role in the success of your garden.  If you don't have enough sunlight or the quality of the soil is not good, the seeds you have planted will not grow healthy.  There also must be enough watering, and nurturing, with proper tools. The environment in which you plant your garden is so important in having a healthy garden. 

The Inner Garden Program is a transformational coaching program designed in the same structure as growing a healthy garden.  Only instead of planting seeds of flowers, or vegetables, we will be planting seeds of love, hope, peace, healing, acceptance and more,  within you.  Just as a garden takes time to grow, so will your inner garden.  You will be introduced to new tools and techniques, and ideas that will help guide you into the person you want to become.  


Have patience, and trust the process. Trust in yourself.  


There will be weeds (also known as toxic thoughts) that we will pull from your thinking.  There will be boundaries we set in place to protect your inner garden from those toxic thoughts, toxic environments, and toxic people.  You will become equipped with the tools that will make it possible for you to heal from past traumas, and to grow in strength.   We will focus on your personal vision, becoming more mindful and healing, and loving yourself.  It is a process.  And if you do the tasks each week, you will see a difference in your life.  

The more you tend to your inner garden, the more beautiful and healthy you will become.  You will see changes in your life.  You will be able to find more balance, more peace, and strength and love for yourself and for others. 

We will meet, either face to face or online, for either one or two hours each week or every other week.  The program usually takes between 14-16 weeks to complete, depending on your dedication and how much commitment you put into your weekly workbook tasks.  I will be here with you every step of the way, to help guide you, and support you as you find the strength within you to rise above the storms of life and grow your inner garden stronger and healthier than it has ever been before.  

14 Week Signature Program

  • One 2-hour complimentary consultation

        Which will give us both the opportunity to find out if we are a right fit for one another

  • Option 1: 14 x 1-hour coaching sessions (online/or face to face), either weekly or bi-weekly

  • Option 2: 14 X 2-hour coaching sessions (online/or face to face), either weekly or bi-weekly 

  • One final session, following the completion of the program to check in and focus on the next steps to take

  • 14 unique sections of The Inner Garden Signature Workbook that will be emailed or given to you during or prior to each session

  • Recommended reading 

  • New exercises, journal prompts, meditations, and self-reflections each week

  • Email and message support 

  • Following the completion of the 14-week program, check-in sessions are available

  • Offered weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to fit your schedule

  • 1 or 2-hour sessions available at an hourly rate

One on One Check-In Coaching Sessions 

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