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Loving Others Where They Are At

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

With our beautiful life and journey, comes relationships and people that we get to be around and deal with every single day. Some of these people are full of high energy and vibrations that resonate with our souls and resonate with us on a deeper level. And others are on a different vibration and frequency that we are one. Some people are stuck on a different mode all together. Some are full of judgement, and gossip. Some are full of negative energy and the more the speak it the more it surrounds them. It feels toxic to be in their presence.

Some people judge you. Some people don't understand who you are and why you are the way you are. Sometimes it feels hard to be around these people. It feels that you don't have value, that you are not appreciated for who you are. In moments such as these, when you are around people such as this, that do not understand or appreciate you, I want you to take a deep breath in and send love to them.

Just imagine this beautiful pulse of love going towards this other human being. If you could go into the other persons mind and experience everything this other person had experienced, every thought they had ever thought, every feeling they had ever felt, had everything exactly in the same way they had, you would also see life just the same way they did. But you don't. You see life through your eyes and your perception.

As you continue to see things from your perception, step out even further and see the situation from a bigger and broader perception. Continue to step back even further and look around and see all of the people around this beautiful world that we are in. Step back and see them, just where they are at. Everything they have experienced has made them who they are in this moment. Everything they have felt, everything they have been through. See them from this perception, without attaching any emotion or judgement. Just see them.

Think of all the people that come into your life on a daily basis. Think of the ones that bring happiness and joy with them. Think of those who bring complaints and criticism. Think of those who are quiet, think of the angry ones, the happy ones, the depressed ones, the sad ones. There is such a mix of emotions within every person. And each one arrives to this place, this emotion due to something they are processing. Something they are holding on to. Every one has been through their own issues, their own experiences, their own lives. But when we see them, we don't understand them or value where they have been, because we don't know where they have been. We don't know what road they have walked to get to this moment right now. We may know bits and pieces to the puzzle of their lives, but we have not walked hand in hand with their thoughts, in their mind, with their insecurities and their pain. We have not opened the closet to face their demons. We only see them from our position, from our perception.

As you look at them now, from this new broader perspective, this loving perspective, look at them from a place of love. Look at them from a place of understanding. Understand that they are doing the best they can do in the space they are in at this moment. With the tools they have, and the tools they know how to use, this is where they are at. They don't know better in this moment.

Send love to them.

They are exactly where they are supposed to be in this life, right now, in this moment. Everything that has ever happened to them in their lives, up to this moment, has woven into them, the threads of who they are. It has led them to this moment.

They might be holding on to pain that we know nothing about. They might be holding on to pain that THEY know nothing about. There could be something that stirs within them that was passed down from a past generation. From an unstable ancestor. They may be carrying baggage that they don't even realize they are carrying. They might be holding on to sadness, grief, loss bitterness. Pain often comes out of people as cruelty, and hurt, sharp words, negative energy, complaining. When you sense this energy from other people, I want you to understand they are hurting inside. There is something within them that is unsettled. They see things differently. They do not see things from the same perception that you do and it is ok.

What they need is not to be told that they are seeing life wrong, that they are seeing life wrong in their beliefs. And they are wrong in their feelings. What they need to be told is that they are loved. They seek to be understood, they seek to be valued, they seek to be seen for who they are. Even if they don't realize it.

And if you are unable to tell them that you love them, Pulse love towards them. Pulse the energy of love to this other being.

Rather than anger and fear, spread love and kindness. There may be people that are hard to be around, that are close to you and yet cause you to feel more pain than other people do. This is when boundaries come in. As we learn to love and protect our energy, we build boundaries. In this space we protect our self, we protect our own energy from being drained from us.

In this space, hold a place for understanding that others will come in out of our lives every day. Understand that , just as we are who we are and where we are at for so many reasons, so are these other people. So are they.

This is their journey. Their lessons will be different than yours. Their experiences will be different that yours. Love them exactly for who they are for where they are at. Don't try to change anyone. Just love them. Allow them.

Teaching moments are different. There may be moments of teaching. But the best way to teach others, is through living it yourself. Being an example. And example of love. It is not done by the words you speak. It is done by the manner in which you live your life every day. The manner in which you show up every day. The manner in which you respond every day. Immerse yourself with love, and it will continue to get easier to live a life of love and understanding. It will get easier as you practice loving others for where they are at.

Continue to pulse love towards others. Even if you don't understand where they are coming from. Pulse love to them anyway. Even if you don't understand why they live in anger, Pulse love to them anyway. Even if they judge, gossip, or complain, Pulse love to them anyway. Even if they act out, pulse love and compassion to them anyway.

Be kind. Allow them space to be.

Protect your energy and space by continuing to pulse love from inside of you in an outward motion towards them.

Love them. Exactly where they are at. What they are going through right at this moment is part of their experience and journey. However, it does not mean that you need to be sucked into the vortex of negativity.

Love them where they are at. And continue to pulse love from where you are at. Send love, send kindness, send peace.

Namaste my friend.

Thank you for being here today. This article is part of Sarah's guided meditation series that is found on the #1 free app, Insight Timer. You can listen to it here:

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